Hack to End Hunger

HackerEarth and MEANS Database joined together to update MEANS’ code base and expand MEANS’ platform that fights food waste. In the all day hackathon volunteers from around the Washington DC area worked together out of American University’s Center for Innovation.

Bri and Matt's Wedding

It’s like rain on your weddding day…despite a flooded park and a last minute venue switch, Bri and Matt had a beautiful wedding surrounded by loved ones. Everyone danced down the aisle and the bride and groom DJed their entire reception themselves! It was a privelege and joy to commemorate their special day.

Rainey's Graduation

Rainey graduated with a BA in Public Health and Statistics in three years, because she is ridiculously smart! Her huge family is so supportive and loving, and she and her girlfriend make you believe in true love. It was such an honor to shoot her graduation portraits.