Social Media Management

When choosing a social media manager, it’s important to know what their packages include. Will they curate content made by others — newspaper articles, Buzzfeed videos, and relevant posts — and re-share it on your pages? Or will they create original content to engage your followers?

My strategy involves a mixture of both. Amplifying respected publications that discuss topics relevant to your business can help lend credibility to your pages. At the same time, original content allows for further customization and ensures no one will be able to replicate your brand. I like to provide my clients with a healthy mix of both! We can determine what exact ratio will work for your brand and audience, and reevaluate based on metrics as our relationship goes along.

The Process

The last week of each month we’ll sit down over coffee, Skype, or on the phone and check in about any upcoming events, product launches, or major themes you want to be incorporated into your social media plan for the next month. I’ll take our conversation, and create a general calendar for you to approve of the month’s content.

This calendar won’t include specific posts, but it will include the days I plan to post, the topic for those days, and the type of post I’m planning, for each platform. At the beginning of each week, you’ll be given a specific content calendar for the week, with exact posts planned. If you prefer a more hands-off approach to your social media, then I can skip the weekly calendars, and just give you the monthly outline.

Original Content

As I am also a graphic designer, each of my social media plans will include four simple custom graphics throughout the month. This helps make your brand stand out! If you want more graphics, original blog posts, and other content, make sure to select one of my more intensive plans.