Graduation Sessions

Graduation sessions give you the chance to commemorate your hard work – whether it’s high school, your GED, college, or graduate school. Typically these sessions are on site at your college. Group graduation sessions include your family and loved ones who helped you reach this special day, while individual graduation sessions are all about you! I shoot at all Seattle Colleges, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle University, University of Washington, any greater Seattle/Bellevue high school, and at Vashon Island High School.

Family Sessions

A family session helps you freeze this moment in time with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, or just want to remember your kiddos at this age, a family session is for you! Children, pets, or partners – there’s room for everyone in this session!

Maternity Sessions

An individual maternity session is all about you, the pregnant person who’s hard at work making a new baby! These types of session are short and sweet: we’re focusing just on you looking glam and glorious in this session. A group maternity session lets you remember this special time with your whole family as you prepare for a little one to join you. Whether your family includes current children, pets, or a partner, there’s room for everyone in group maternity sessions.

Wedding Photography

Commemorate your special day with portraits, candids, and even a photo booth if you want one!

Newborn and Fresh 48

A Fresh 48 shoot occurs at the birth center. You call me when baby makes their arrival, and I come over within 48 hours, preferably before everyone visits, and we capture those special and authentic moments.

A newborn lifestyle session is in your home. It’s all about capturing your baby and your family as they are. No fancy poses, wraps, or costumes, just love and light.